We make games sometimes. For the most part, these are more like little mockups and sketches than anything fun or playable, but you know, whatever.

Gaben Santa
Construct 2/HTML5. version 1.1
This was made for a 2012 Christmas game jam/competition. The point is, I dunno, you're Gaben and you have to fight for the right to price games so cheap that you basically become Santa? Your enemies are GOG and Origin.
Ownicon Beat
C++/SDL. pre-alpha
Ownicon Beat is a comedy co-op metroidvania about three dudes who go to to mythical city of Anglomede (it's basically Atlantis) and punch a lot of stuff. It's been our dream since 2007 or so, but who knows if we'll ever get anywhere with it.
Ownicon Feat
Construct 2/HTML5. version 0.1
Mock-Ownicon Beat.
Inordinate Soul
??? pre-alpha
Isometric RPG with life-sim elements; real time clock, NPCs with jobs and schedules, and two worlds: the normal one and a dream one. Too complex for me to know what I'm doing.
Construct 2/HTML5. version 0.1
Test zone.
Construct 2/HTML5. version 0.1
If you could read the wiki, you'd know that this stood for Frightening Large Eating Winged Digital Information Unit Monster. Basically, we spent an evening trying to make a bullet-hell game that was a spinoff of Ownicon Beat.
down time
Oh I dunno, other things, probably.